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Wondering about the unusual form of advertising? Among your customers are tourists or would you like them to be? You want to increase his awareness and encourage them to visit your restaurant, SPA salon or use your services? Do not hesitate. Place for your ad on our map awaiting.

Our map is not only a print, but also active distribution and promotion. In the Old Town of Gdansk our map can be found in more than 60 tourist spots ie .: databases of accommodation, hotels, hostels, apartments, airport, bike riding and many others. We also work with tourism companies and also provide distribution and promotions on the Segway and electric vehicles providing tourist services.


  • This is the only map of such a large and targeted range.

  • Best Map of Tri-City, which next to the Main City Gdańsk is the Tri-City Bicycle Trail!

  • Complete information for the Tourist, without unnecessary information overload.

  • On our map the amount of advertising space is very limited, by what a map is readable and advertising of your business is clearly visible. We try about offer presented on the map will be varied, so that the every tourist can find something for themselves.

  • Maps are distributed from May to the end of the calendar year.

  • Information on our website posted in every edition of the map lasts until the end of April next year.

Are you interested in this form of advertising? You hesitate?

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